Full Version: sample gallery - Sigma 65mm f/2 DG DN Series I
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If you followed my JP trip pictures, you may recognize some.
Been wondering, are the reviews of DSLR lenses officially toast? (not that there was a lot left to cover, but there were some sweet pieces of latterday technology that I wouldn't have minded to see reviewed).

And no I don't necessarily mean the Tamron 45/1.8. Big Grin
Well, as you mentioned - other than the occasional manual Chinese lens, there isn't anything new to cover.
I think Markus (yes, he's still alive) may do a couple on the Nikon side.
I don't think that there'll be another EF mount review, though.
Does the last phrase mean that the 5DSR has vacated the building? Smile

Actually most of the stuff I've been referring to are the Sigma / Tamron lenses (and maybe one Tokina, even). I guess if they get a spin on the D850, I'm not going to complain (I shot with it once... what a fine camera).

But back to the subject, the Sigma 65 looks interesting... Precisely equivalent in FOV to what I had been getting with my old 50/1.8 on the 1D cameras. Smile I can understand being a little overwhelmed by the amount of new lenses to test, anyway - there are literally dozens to choose from, even if all the exotic MF stuff is not taken into account.
Regarding the 65 - I'm a big fan of the Series I lenses.

Keeping it in stock is probably a good prep for the move to the A7R V.