Full Version: Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.2 S & Z 26mm f/2.8 coming soon
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Pancake mania!!!
I think I might get the 26 eventually. If I'm to have one native Z lens, why not this one. Smile
26mm might be the answer to the age-old question of whether 24mm or 28mm is the more useless focal length ;-)
(01-05-2023, 10:29 AM)Rover Wrote: [ -> ]Pancake mania!!!
I think I might get the 26 eventually. If I'm to have one native Z lens, why not this one. Smile
While the concept is very interesting I agree with Klaus about the focal length, I can't imagine a 26mm lens as a walkaround, 35mm pancake would make much more senses IMHO, however all depends on your style and habits, myself I changed my shooting habits lately, in Lebanon aside the week I purchased it, I used only twice my Tokina 16-28 in six years, once in a wedding party the other time at a church celebration (once 2016 and once in 2020) now it is my most used lens....
Funny, I was thinking of the same thing today. But Tamron is rumoured to be preparing a 35/3.5 pancake... In E-mount. :-)
Since you don't mind used items and you already own EF to Z adapter, why not consider Sigma 24-35f2.0, it is dirt cheap now on the used market and would give you the coverage you need. It's not small but it will replace several lenses.
I now your beloved 16-35 will be in the overlap area and this alone is major drawback, myself I found myself in the same issue on 7D2 with both 17-55f2.8 and 15-85 as options
No way I'm going to get that - I already have several lenses in the range, including the Canon 24/1.4. If I were to get that Pancake, that would only be to have a compact native lens "just in case".
If I were a Z user, I'd welcome the 26mm f2.8 for its very compact size. Also, I think I'd like 26mm more than 24mm.
Given the size, I hope the IQ is not too compromised though.
Another thing is that such a compact lens doesn't make a lot of sens given the current bodies with their large grip.
Perhaps it's a hint that Nikon is going to release a compact FF body some time in the future?
Hopefully a rangefinder style body (similar to Fuji's XE series or Panasonic GX9), this would be awesome!