Full Version: Sigma 60-600mm DN leak
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The MTF at 600 are rather impressive for such a mega zoom!
Yeah, if there's real-world truth to these MTFs, it's basically as good as the 150-600mm DN.


Is it the same optical formula of the DSLR version ??
The DN version has better MTFs than the DSLR version at least.

So here it is ... the new BIGMA


Interesting ... 7 f-stop OS2


Looks very good ..... we're up to 27 elements now ...... so 2.4  Kgs !....
An insane number of elements seem to be the trend. I don't like it really. Less so because of the weight but because of the required centering accuracy.
So much for the "same design..."
Well anyway, I loved this comment from DPReview:

"This is basically for wedding photographers that are not allowed to attend to the wedding".


Christopher Frost has already tested the lens see here:


Christopher seems to have an "in" to obtain almost any lenses from manufactures ...... it must be devine intervention .....

................ he is a vicar after all Smile

great lens ....... personally I prefer the brighter F6.3 @ 600mm even in spite of the weight rather than the current trend towards F7.1 lenses at the long end.
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