Full Version: Is a 14 inch ultrabook, good enough for photo editing ?
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Qatar is not like Lebanon.... tooo many hours spent on office, no grandparents where children would g daily, only time remaining for  editing my pictures is from my bed at night .....the big calibrated screen isn't as a viable option anymore...
Do you think an ulrabook would do the job ?
in ultrabooks I am between 2 options : Huawei 14s and Lenovo yoga 7 pro 
both offer 100% sRGB coverage, both have decent processing and both have 2.5K screens  
do you think it would be enough ?
and which of the two would you recommend ?
All I can say is that I own the Huawei Matebook 14 D (not S), I bought it as a relatively cheap (500/600€) laptop to carry along during trips without getting too worried about thefts, so I can leave it in the car trunk or at the hotel. I don't use it either for work or for photography (it has only 8GB of RAM, unfortunately soldered), just to browse and check email in a easier way than with the smartphone (BTW, I installed Linux on it). I can give a feedback about the brand: it's extremely well built and works fine.

I suppose that the 'S' you're thinking of is the one with the i7 and 16GB of RAM. For three years my primary laptop was a MacBook Pro 15" with the same processor and RAM, it was pretty good for post-processing 24MP photos — but the Mac had a discrete GPU that was used e.g. by Capture One for photo processing, while I see that the Huawei has only the Intel GPU integrated in the processor.

In general Huawei seems to make very good stuff. I'm seriously planning to quit with Apple once my current laptop will go end of life and move to Linux; so I'm evaluating what manufacturer would be ok. Huawei might be an excellent candidate... too bad for other considerations (security).
@stoppingdown i think security problem could be a true concern for almost every computer, not just huawei... maybe the ones where you can install coreboot are a bit safer.

btw, also honor are great pc for the value (and they cost a little less than huawei, and they are the same). i have tried a magicbook 16 with a ryzen 5600h 16gb (soldered unfortunatly) +m2 500gb ssd (not soldered) and really nice for the price (was 799 € in italy). Also runs well with linux (i don't use windows btw).
Yes, the problem is wide, but Huawei has got a particularly bad press for security. Maybe it's just politics. BTW most of technical stuff I've read is about specific Windows drivers, not Linux (the company does not support Linux in any way, for instance the audio driver in my case doesn't work; there has been a lot of ongoing work in the community, but not solved so far). Of course there can be problems in the firmware too.

No doubts they are among the best laptop producers if we consider value for money. Too bad for the soldered RAM, the SSD as you said can be easily changed.
After 2 weeks using Huawei 14s, I can easily say, I am very happy with my purchase, not just value for money (actually Huawei Qatar slashed price from 5200 QAR=1330 EUR to 2800 QAR=730 EUR over one week) with modern core i7 and 16Gb of RAM nothing to complain about unless you are using DXO deep prime XD noise reduction that should be a killer for any CPU IMHO.
2.5K is way better than FHD and 2X3 aspect ratio is most welcome by far better than the classic 16X9 in other laptops, after calibration the colors are very accurate, it's the same colors I see on both screens and prints.
to make things even better, one week later Huawei slashed the price of their flagship display from 3000 QAR to only 1000QAR=257 EUR
here too 2X3 proportion is awesome the screen does offer 4K plus 400 extra pixels of height (4K+ 2,560 pixels tall and 3,840 pixels wide) it has a wide gamut and excellent USB-C connectivity with the laptop, the good surprise, it reverse charges the laptop and I plug a keyboard and mouse in the screen USB ports they act as if they were plugged in the laptop.
I am more than happy with my setup actually, it is better than what I was expecting

Here's how my photo editing station looks like using DPP, in extended mode, you can see 10 megapixels for the 7D2 that's zooming at 50% ideal to check sharpness and detail, extended mode allows to see the whole photo without palettes obstructing, it's even better than what I was looking for

[Image: attachment.php?aid=188]
Have fun with it! :-)