Full Version: Focusing disasters with the D500!
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Hi guys,

             The weather finally cleared so I could test out the D500, first steps of course is calibrating lenses. Things went OK with the Tamron 150-600mm and the Nikon 500mm F4, needing around -2/-3.

 But then things went rapidly downhill with shorter focal lengths.

   The AF35mm F2D was way out and needed -17, the AF50mm F1.8D -14, and on it went till -20 wasn't enough for the AF20mm F2.8D.  Changing the distance produced outrageous changes of focus and I realized that the whole focus system was out of kilter. None of them needed anything more than -3/-4 on the D7100, except the 500mm which needed -8.  Obviously the registration distance and AF sensors distance bore no relation in a linear sense.


 I emailed Priceminister stating I would return it for a refund, fortunately I'm well within the 14 days return period!


 A great pity because so far both my Nikons haven't put a foot wrong with accurate AF and not even a niggle, I hoped that as the D500 is a pro camera extra care and quality control would have been taken.


 BTW. The camera's presentation was perfect and nothing leads me suspect that it was anything other than a brand new camera straight out of the box.


 Regrouping and hoping for better luck with the next D500!



Update:  I've just received an email from Priceminister and am awaiting instructions for the return.

Sad to hear that... focus errors just kill everything

this is a strong point for mirrorless though, my Canon 17-55 had back focus, however when switching to live view focus was decent and acurate


Funny thing I never needed to adjust even a single lens with a Pentax K-r and a K-30. The difference in adjustment was neglictible, focus varience come into play. I had the devil's luck as I haven't noticed any decentering worth worring about. Again my zoom lenses are not perfect but I don't see problems wide open in normal use, on moire targets on a PC screen I see slight decentering in all lenses but it is similar to my ability to have the sensor parallel to the screen. Again within user error. And I am a perfectionist.


Then again high end equipment with a lot of complexity like D500 is a lot easier to not be inside the specifications, the are a lot tighter than a simple autofocus system like of my cameras.


Hopefully manufacturers will increase quality control along with the prices Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin (Nikon and Pentax have more issues from what I read than Olympus or Canon).


  Maybe I'm just unlucky, I was with Pentax, I had three K20s with six returns, the K5 was OK but it would take two shots instead of one sometimes. The K3 had the mirror-flap syndrome and then the card slots packed up and the K01 had a badly aligned sensor. Then two good Nikons then this dud, so I feel I've had more than my share of bad luck.


  As for de-centered lenses!  I was going to say I don't have any, but maybe the Sigma 150mm F2.8 EX macro arrives tomorrow , we'll see what that brings, it sure would be nice if it was well centered as I've been hankering after one of those for some years.


Image showing back focus with no AFMA  -17 needed to focus on the can, increase the distance and then it front focuses! I don't know if it can be seen here.


   I can never find my psychiatrist when I need him, my glass is empty!

Looks like a severe case of back focus for me, I have been through this ....

I'm really sorry to read that, dave. Hopefully the next one will do better.


Quote:I'm really sorry to read that, dave. Hopefully the next one will do better.
OK thanks JoJu/ toni-a, I hope so too!


I've been doing the auto fine tune tests:


   AF28 F2.8D   failed results off the scale.....more than -20      AF24 F2.8D  failed results off the scale.


   AF20 F2.8      around -14                                                         AF35 F2       around  -17


  AF50 F1.8       around -14                                                         AF55 F2.8 Macro  around -13


  AF 85 F1.8D    around -18                                                         Tamron 150-600   around  -3


   AF-S 500mm F4D around -2.


 I spoke to Nikon who asked me to make a pro account with which  calibration would take around a week and may be payable, I have to send in some images. 

 Also I'm looking to maybe send it back for a replacement, I'm still weighing up the pros and cons. As the camera was about 650 euros less than the non grey price maybe I'll spend out on the calibration. I'll see what Priceminister and Nikon have to say!
Haven't you been the one who "never had problems with my Nikons, so I take the chance and order a grey market camera"? It's only a question, not an accusation. Somehow Priceminister has also to make money and I really wonder, if those bodies sold by them just are classified by Nikon to go to "lower expectation markets". Of course, they would never admit that and maintain, all D500 are outstanding no matter how cheap they were.


But it's a tempting idea, to sell an "close to borders of spec"camera instead of demolish it or try to adjust it.


Also I wonder how many D500 to whatever comparisons were made without lens calibration? Anyway, I made my experiences with DSLRs and Nikon in particular and somehow I prefer not to bother with systematic issues anymore.


How long did it take you to check this 9 lenses? It's a rhetoric question, don't answer, because I already doubt the Tamron will have it's AFMA throughout the range of FL and distance.


No, I'm not happy about the unlucky D500 body and it doesn't show much more than "mistakes happen".

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