Full Version: Request for software review
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It's not lens review but software review.
Can't find a good one with numbers
A review just comparing features and writer subjective liking can't be considered useful
In 2004, I found this website as I was looking for reviews of noise reduction tools and RAW converters....
Why not resume those reviews ?
Same RAW image converted via several raw converter, we check details extraction before and after  noise reduction.
Well, I've got 3 RAW converters on my machine at least ;-)
That's a good start, for software you can just download trial you don't have to rent it or buy and resell....
Is there even a world beyond Photoshop, C1 and Photolab 6? :-)
Yes, RawTherapee and Darktable ;-)
(03-14-2023, 02:24 PM)thxbb12 Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, RawTherapee and Darktable ;-)

if you are a Canon user, you can surely add Canon DPP.
Nikon capture had its glory days, dunno if it's still competitive.