Full Version: next OL lens test - Laowa 6mm f/2 Zero-D MFT
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Great little lens, especially given the ultra wide FOV.
Who said smaller formats than FF can't have good UWA? It's something that pro-FF keep claiming but it's definitely untrue.
Thank you for your review.

A typo on page 1: "Due to the immense depth-of-field, it's not overly deep" --> "Due to the immense field of view, it's not overly deep".

A missing / redundant sentence part on page 3: "The focus control ring is very smooth are super-smooth."
Sorry, these are classic cases of making things worse by applying corrections and not re-reading it again ... sigh
Just got the lens yesterday and impressed so far. Seems to be sharper than the Laowa 7.5 that I had. Btw, the hood is removable. I wasn't sure from reading the review. Sure helps with using filters.