Full Version: OL test data @ Patreon: Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG DN ART
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I joined and I hope others will. It would be a pity to see OL vanishing in thin air...
Would really be a shame to see that happen.
How many people's efforts would be required to change the situation?
It depends on the income from ads (& the costs, of course).

200 would be a good number, but I guess this isn't realistic. We'll see.
Indeed, the forum looks like there's a dozen of us here, tops. Sad...
Well, there are 25 supporters already - which is more than the Paypal donations.
I'll check if the payment methods available to me can be used for this... I'd rather pay to Patreon for this rather than for pictures of someone's bare tits. Smile
You're giving me ideas... if we change the subjects in our sample images, maybe we can sell them on onlyfans? Wink
That's not a subject for every lens... Smile
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