Full Version: Canon EF 17-35mm f4-5.6 IS on the horizon
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Makes perfect sense, especially for 6D users, a cheap ultrawide that's great, Canon 17-40f4L seems now obsolete, anyway it already was after release of 16-35f4 IS.

Wonder how much would this one retail, maybe 500$ ?
What, the 17-40 wasn't cheap and nasty enough? Smile I was wondering once if there was going to be an STM ultrawide in the vein of the 24-105, but decided that there wasn't enough space to slot anything below the 17-40. Well, maybe I was wrong.

I am wondering since 80D and 7D mkii are selling quite well, what is Canon waiting to launch EFS17-55f2.8 MKII or better maybe a 15-50f2.8

Obviously 50mmf1.4 needs replacement, it's the only lens in their current lineup that doesn't transmit focus distance to the camera