Full Version: While Dpreview is still limping, suddenly imaging resource went away.
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Without prior notice, suddenly the website isn't there anymore....


(05-09-2023, 06:04 AM)toni-a Wrote: [ -> ]Without prior notice, suddenly the website isn't there anymore....

 I was browsing DPR when I wanted to look at the OL review of an old lens ...... 

   yes, it's still there !!

edit: I completely misread the title ......
It doesn't work for me. I suppose it's a technical glitch.
IR has been virtually dead for a while, I thought?

With all the paywalls popping up, it seems to the classic web is rapidly declining.

Social networks always had the plan to serve as a closed internet within the public internet.
DPR has posted a message on IR:

So another new owner, and no idea what they are doing currently.
A big DON'T for media platforms that have large audience is to be off, simply you lose your audience.....
Dunno what are they thinking...
I don't see the point of buying it only to kill it off, so here's hoping it's pending rebranding and relaunch.

Of course if it was a part of a package deal and the buyer was actually going for something else (and didn't care about IR itself), it's a different matter altogether.

As for DPR, I prefer it to exist even if the turnaround has slowed drastically (and it has). Makes one more bit of my life seem normal.
IR is now redirecting to OP...

... and old links to reviews haven't been preserved. Dodgy
That is incredibly stupid, only a great move to lose a lot of fans.
And they only have 3 free articles. Oh... Well.
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