Full Version: Dpreview continues under gear patrol
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Dpreview continues under gear patrol (who ever this is): https://www.dpreview.com/site-news/82983...ear-patrol

I was obvious that something like this was in the making ...

Interesting to see who is left: https://www.dpreview.com/files/p/article...ne_23.jpeg
I had a feeling all along that something like this was happening in the background. Otherwise they just would have shut it down.
I really wonder why they need so many people to run the show.
Hooray怂My morning routine may remain unbroken now (no offense to Klaus but I always checked DPReview first, PZ second for whatever reason... don't ask me why, it was just an established routine for years and years, and it's etched into the brain by now).
Who is Gear Patrol? .... announcement on Google:

It'll be interesting to see what they'll do to finance all this.
So far, dpreview was basically free of ads for strategic reasons.
How not to do business: you have a website worth millions with millions of active daily users. Say drops y you are closing, let some good employees leave, let users run away and once its market value significantly drops, sell it
Makes one wonder what made Amazon change their minds. It could not have been the community outrage, could it?
I was working for Philips when our division was going to be shut down. The hired gun to liquidate us out happened to be playing golf with a Xilinx exec.... We were sold to them. Now Xilinx is part of AMD.

We may never know the exact details.
I reckon for Amazon, it was just a marketing move.

The affiliate marketing approach for websites is basically dead - if Amazon can't make it happen within its universe, nobody else can.
I expect Gear Patrol to follow the rest of the industry using paywalls for premium content. But let's see.