Full Version: Samyang joins L-mount
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Great, I've been wanting for ages to put a Samyang 35/2.8 on my Leica SL. :-)

But seriously, this is good news, because more options, more integration - and more competition - is always good. Whether that will help L-mount gain more recognition is... well, more debatable, but I can hope. Panasonic has some interesting looking lenses in their lineup, so I hope to see the system evolve, even if I would never buy into it (I have enough different systems around me as it is).
It somehow feels like the next-gen MFT now.

Funnily L-mount has way more lenses to offer than both Nikon and Canon.
Canon (RF) is the only system I don't really care about (although there are some nice lenses there). Nikon, hopefully, will evolve further, and to the more open stance.
(07-15-2023, 09:41 AM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]It somehow feels like the next-gen MFT now.

Funnily L-mount has way more lenses to offer than both Nikon and Canon.

Sadly, Canon cares only about money, and they see photography as a doomed business, what they are doing now is not sustainable, they are squeezing money from their loyal customers and acting like there's no tomorrow.
It's sad if their predictions are correct...
Canon (and Nikon) didn't really change.

They played the same game during the EF era. I think many of us can remember the days when third-party lenses failed whenever Canon released a new (D)SLR. It took the third-party gang more than a decade to stabilize their compatibility.

I suppose one of the reasons for the (likely) late entry of the third-party players is that they were once bitten hard once, so they are taking their time now.

What I don't quite understand is that the R-mount cameras are supposedly capable of processing the EF-mount protocol. This may not be ideal in terms of AF speed, but why should this violate any patent? I could understand that a hacked R-mount protocol may violate patents but EF?

I suppose that Canon also used the EF protocol for EF-M? And Sigma released some lenses for EF-M.

Anyway, we are in the 5th R-mount year now. So 5 more years to go until the patents will be history.
I've only heard of the dark age of compatibility. Supposedly that was an issue in the 90s. Interestingly my only Sigma lens is from the 90s but it worked well (compatibility-wise...) on every Canon body I've tried it on, from 20D to 1DX. The EF to NZ adapter required a firmware update though. Smile

I've often been asked by colleagues why I, a known Canon shooter, suddenly turned over to Nikon mirrorless instead of Canon, and even adapt EF lenses to Z9 (in fact, both familiar and unfamiliar photographers have been stopping me during the Economic forum to look and inquire about this setup) instead of buying into the RF system. I answered that I'm seeing RF as a dead end trap I don't want to fall into.
(07-16-2023, 05:59 AM)Rover Wrote: [ -> ]I'm seeing RF as a dead end trap I don't want to fall into.
Sadly Canon themselves seem to think that way...
Canon will be fine.

Canon and Nikon are like Mercedes and BMW. Stellar top-end products - with huge profit margins - and simply not overly interested in the bottom/mid-level and offering just some me-too products.
This strategy can work for a very long time.
Well, like I said, Canon does have some lenses I would've been interested in... at least trying. 14-35, 15-30, 24/1.8... but I don't think I'd really be able to afford the best gear and if I'm bound to keep adapting anyway, the system really doesn't matter.

EF mount lenses can be adapted to L mount too, last I heard. :-)
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