Full Version: Sigma 23mm f/1.4 DN and 100-400mm DN OS for X-mount
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Seems that Fujifilm is "normalising" their relationships with 3rd party vendors now as well.


Good, maybe I should've gone Fuji. Smile
Side note: I saw today that the district press service's photographer is using dual Fujis: an X-Tsomething and an X-Pro, with 16-55 and 55-200 lenses. He looks pretty content. Smile So Fuji is good even for such a demanding job.
I took my X-H2 w/Sigma 18-50mm on my last vacation.
I love this camera. But I'm still waiting for the perfect travel zoom lens.
I don't think there's a perfect one-lens solution, because you'll always want to go wider (than the superzooms do ...) while on the road, and possibly longer too. I've long resigned to the necessity of a 16-35 and at least a 70-300, better 100-400, when going outta town. And if I feel like dragging a third lens, it'd be the 14/2.8 most of the time.