Full Version: Nikon Z f announced
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I'm feeling slippery by even looking at the pictures.
Quite attractive in my book - if a little too big.
(09-21-2023, 11:03 AM)Klaus Wrote: [ -> ]Quite attractive in my book - if a little too big.

"Too big"? O_o I would say it's rather small and looks unwieldy due to the practically nonexistent hand grip.


a much requested update camera on the forums since the Df set the ball in motion for a retro DSLR many years ago .... the Zc is a bit cheapo plastic but cute, whereas the Zf is a quality built camera with plenty of metal and clean authentic lines and rotary controls that are actually solid brass, one reviewer was busily removing the paint from them revealing the golden metal underneath ..... 
  As for who will buy it? .... those who asked for it no doubt ...... however, it has enough of the bells and whistles plus a few new features to appeal to others fed up with the usual run of the mill fair ..... 

 and when you're done downloading images after a days shooting, instead of chucking it back in the camera bag, it can sit in the glass case and join your other film bodies trinkets while you give it occasional sideways glances .....

  ..... anyone doing that with Sonys ?   Smile