Full Version: Sony A9iii is out
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Sony A9iii is out with global shutter, goodbye physical shutter, goodbye x-sync... the camera has some brutal specs and excells everywhere except in pixel count...
... and affordability. Smile
Certainly the new go-to camera for sports/action.
120 images/s with AF... that's insane indeed.

I do remember, though: the last time I tried 20 fps, I really regretted it... afterwards, at home, when sorting Wink

I guess even or especially with those new fast cameras, learning when to actually press the shutter is still a skill to master.
Yeah, 20 fps already feels like overkill - I'm awash in thousands of pictures from the past half year that I don't have the time to sort and cull. Smile
But if that framerate lets you walk away with THE frame nobody else has, it's got to be worth it... right? The problem is finding it. Big Grin
I think it's awesome, especially for sports and wildlife. But $6K is a little bit out of reach. So the rest of us will have to wait 5y or so.
Quite a quiet response here for what is the dramatic launch of this global shutter MLC!

 As far as early reviews go it solves a host of long term MLC (other than just rolling shutter) issues at a stroke  .... flash sync, insane frame rate with AF and many other pluses ... the EVF is of course right up there at near on 10 MDs and huge .....

   plus an vast improvement in AF .... now seemingly next to flawless .....

  ... and just for good measure the announcement is coupled with the launching of the 300mm F2.8 FF telephoto lens, the lightest/sharpest ever ..... ..... 
  in essence a kind of vertical finger gesture to Nikon and Canon giving them something to sit down on and think about ... Smile

 just to see the effect of min. ISO of 250 and it's effect on noise and DR .......

 pretty brilliant IMHO ..... from a spectators POV of course ......

  ..... you've got to hand it to Sony !!
I, for one, would rather take more DR and a non-Bayer sensor instead ;-)
Min ISO 250? I missed that spec.