Full Version: Canon EF35mmf1.4 or RF35mmf1.8
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I have Canon 35mmf1.4 MK I and I am absolutely happy with it: razor sharp, excellent colors and rendition, top notch low light performance, I carry it almost all the time.
There's an offer here for Canon RF35mm f1.8, AND i might sell mine for the price of the RF so it would be practically a swap, should I do it ?
I am  leaning to stay with my lens as it is really great and I don't mind its big size  what do you suggest ?
"If it ain't broken, don't fix it". Smile
Sincerely yours, C.O.
I agree with Rover. If it ain't broke, and you are happy, don't swap it.

The RF 35 F/1.8 would only be a lens to swap out if you need something lighter and smaller, there would be no other, real reason to obtain it, IMO.
Thanks folks, I think I would do just that, anyway can't imagine myself parting ways with this awesome lens, It's staying Big Grin
Oh, we all know that G.A.S. is a virulent and highly contagious disease. Big Grin
(11-13-2023, 08:59 PM)Rover Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, we all know that G.A.S. is a virulent and highly contagious disease. Big Grin

What in most painful, is that when I was a student or when I was single, working in Lebanon I had plenty fo time and opportunities to shoot but didn't have the money to get gear.
Now in Qatar, I have  plenty of money, I can get any gear I want, but between a 46 hour/6 days  working schedule and family obligations no time to go out and shoot.....
The story of our lives... I remember being ever hungry for gear (first computers, then cameras) when I was young, but never had any money to buy decent stuff for the longest time. Then, it flipped around: I started having money but didn't really want anything anymore. Smile

And now, my beautiful Nikon Z9 (though with the screen protector smashed...) and the posse of Canon L and Tamron lenses are gathering dust as I'm relegated to desk work for the time being. Sad