Full Version: Next OL lens test - Laowa AF 10mm f/2.8 Zero-D
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Yes, it has a (decent) AF!
Looks great, all things considered (but I've already written that under the review...)
BTW, there also is or was (no idea if it is still available) the Samyang 10 F/3.5 XT Premium, which is considerably better than the mentioned Voigtländer. I read many reviews on both, and tested both myself, and as a result acquired the Samyang. The Voightländer was disappointing, the Samyang near perfect a F/8. OK, it is MF, but that is not a problem with modern cameras, and such wide lenses.

It is my goto WA lens these days, because it does what I want it to. Bulky, because of the huge front element, but that is likely one of the reasons why it performs so well, Oh, and EF mount, so I use an RF-AF adapter, but I doubt I will ever get rid of it.

Looking at the Laowa pictures, I am not convinced. It could be the play of light and shadow (clouds) of course, but from what I see, and that is purely my subjective opinion of course, the only things it has going for it is size, price, and possibly AF. Light fall-off appears still visible at F/11, from what I can see, and in the extreme corners it appears not all that sharp.

Looks like Chris Gampat tested it as well: https://www.thephoblographer.com/2020/11/05/endless-fun-solid-quality-samyang-xp-10mm-f3-5-review/

And yes, it is about 1.5 times the price of the Laowa, but worth it, certainly compared to the Voightländer, if you don't mind the size. I haven't tested the Laowa yet after all.
Let's hope Samyang reheats that "Pro" lineup with AF - and probably native mirrorless designs. We'll see if they make a competitor for the Laowa then.