Full Version: leica announced....
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a new collection of leather accessories....


When your brand name  is Leica, you can do whatever you want


Well, to be fair - they had their fair share of Photokina announcements around the SL - 4 new SL lenses.
My Leica "Jock Strap' has never let me down!  Tongue

One of Leica's more recent cameras omitted the red dot on the front.  Is it possible some users ares scared, or heaven forbid, self-conscious.  Personally, I don't think people in California would notice the red dot.  I can't remember seeing a Leica actually being used by someone.  Calfornia is Canikon country!  With a sprinkling of Pentax and Olympus.


And with still have the lunatic fringe with their film cameras!

I've seen a Leica in the wild!... once. Smile