Full Version: Any alternatives to Canon 16mmf2.8 ?
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I need a compact  ultrawide lens on EOSRP, Tokina 16-28f2.8, aside some flare spots, I am very happy with its optical performance, but  it's  big and heavy with a bulgy front element, not practical to always have in your bag.
Canon 16mmf2.8 seems just what I need but before purchasing it, wanted to see what alternatives I have, for the time being the alternative i am using is Canon 10-18, the problem is it's APS-C and the camera crops not the slow aperture, would it work as a full frame lens even at 18mm only that would be fine for me.

any suggestions?
The 16mm (and 15-30mm) should be fine on the RP. It's just not made for 45mp.
Wait for the Sigma 10-18?
I was considering a third party APS-C compact ultra wide zoom.
At its télé end it should be perfectly usable on full frame.
Tokina 11-20 for instance makes an excellent 16-20mmf2.8 lens on 5D wider than that there's a very strong vignetting.
If EOSRP didn't crop the image of my EFs 10-18 I would have been very happy to use it as a 18mmf5.6 full frame prime.
Another question would EOSRP recognize third party lenses as crop lenses and force the camera to crop or it will use them as full frame lenses?