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... new action cams today ... 


Do they still exist ?

Nikon specializes in market invisibility and dead end developments lately.

Must have been after this heavy party their managers had when Canon's 5D IV came out. What can you design when you're drunk like a horse... 


[Image: drinb27x24.gif]

Cut them some slack - the recent releases have all been solid (D5, D500, a few interesting lenses like the 24/1.8, 24-70/2.8 VR and 200-500 - this was a very interesting batch). They just seem to have chosen a different timing.

I agree, just because they have nothing lined up in time for photokina does not make them dead. And many manufacturers are announcing future cameras this photokina, not products ready for release. Nikon usually announces stuff when they are more or less ready for release.

Well, they could have come up with a development announcement (like so many others).

Nikon is the single big manufacturer without a decent mirrorless system. And they were expected to present one. In fact, what Fuji can with their "medium format", Nikon can't do? Then they are dead. Not the short term, but all the offerings they made, Rover, are far away from innovative.


And there's nothing wrong with a development announcement. But leaving users unclear if there is development at all, gives only the very fanatic brand lovers a reason to buy into ... what?

Joachim, nowhere it is carved in stone that the DSLR are not long for this world. Besides, nobody knows what may or may not come along in, oh say, the ten year time frame. Frankly, if I had been a Nikon shooter, I would not have obsessed about the company not having a "decent" mirrorless system (I understand that you do not think the Nikon 1 system "decent": fair enough, it's an odd bunch of stuff, but it definitely is innovative - to borrow your word).

Does the Canon M system tick the "decency" box in your opinion? I'm a Canon user through and through, but if I had been buying into the mirrorless now, I would not be looking at the Canon M system at all because it's so skimpy - I'm 90% sure that I would have gone the Fuji route. There's nothing wrong with mix and match, apart from having to buy two sets of certain accessories like flashguns - but even in my Canon DSLR shooting day to day, I find that I'm only using flash like, uh, 1-2 times a month, and I'm usually not carrying it unless I know that I might run into some contra light conditions or something. YMMV.

The DSLRs will remain for at least a decade, I guess, especially since a lot of DSLRs are bought because "I want a good camera aka DSLR". A lot of users see professionals with DSLR and make this conclusion.


Nikon however had the chance to make some things better than they actually are (as well as Canon still have). But Nikon appears to fall in agony and leave the photographic world to selfie sticks and smartphones. Maybe they are just tired, who knows, but to me they appear very much this way.


And it's not only two sets of flashguns, it's the lenses we bought in. I was ready to sell the Nikon stuff because I prefer to travel light. But now I saw a couple of shots I took last year with the D810 and the Sigma 20/1.4 wide open and I know, I will never get this bokeh from any APS-C (had to  be a 13/0.93).


This and a whole bunch of stuff like CamRanger, grip, remote cables I would have to give away for free. It is bloody costly to change or abandon a system and I'd prefer Nikon to deliver a decent FF mirrorless not only in 5 years. Especially because I'd like to invest in a tilt/shift lens and there's afaik nothing on the horizon of mirrorless, but who knows, maybe one firmware update of Fuji would bring focus stacking. Which is still not the same like one-shot tilted. Sigma had the chance to do something like this with their SD quattro, but they have bigger problems to solve than tilt/shift.

Honestly I think Canon is more trapped than Nikon because the EOS Ms can't go FF ( I think at least ) and they will have a hard time to compete with MFT and Fuji. Nikon may go full throttle FF mirrorless at the CES already and thus compete with Sony.
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