Full Version: Canon EOS M5 announced
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Quote: now what is Nikon going to do about it?

Here Canon seems facing Sony and MFT, Nikon seem to have abandoned the mirrorless game, unless they are preparing for something of which we are not aware.
Concur with resizing or cropping 4K, it's the same as downloading a blueray film, it looks way better than standard res, even if the file size is the same.


 The one feature it needed was future proofing, without 4K it doesn't have it!

Blueray is 1080p or 720p?

I assume the sensor should be easily able to deliver 4K, however Canon deliberately didn't implement it, simply the processing of 4K needs huge computing, memory and card speed writing capabilities etc  that are all very expensive

And processing power. The only mirrorless 4K that does not overheat is the GH4? I for sure have no hardware to edit and montage 4K video on, nor do I have the desire for such very high res. video. 4K for non-professionals is a bit silly, in my opinion. And highly compressed 4K footage for professionals is a bit silly too (which is what the Sony and Pana offerings offer).
Quote:Blueray is 1080p or 720p?
1080p or 4k. DVD seemed ok until I got a 1080p TV, then the compression artefacts just killed it. Will 1080p bluray look inadequate on 4k? I don't think it is a resolution thing either, but more a bitrate.
The GH5 will be the 4K king again anyway. That is the primary purpose of the GH series.
X-t2 is looking pretty good too for 4K.
I am not sure for how many non-pro photographers 4K video is deal breaker? For me this is additional tool for marketing to feed numbers into consumers, or confuse even more uninformed consumers.

Remember the days when Sony and Panasonic were pushing AVCHD?

I'm really wondering about the relevance of video in the general market.


I can't remember that I seriously used video during the last 15 years. Back in the days I had a couple of camcorders but the amount of required efforts for producing something semi-decent as an end result (that is including post-processing, adding music, etc) was nothing short of insane so I gave up on this. It may be that the post-processing has improved but really so much ?

When looking at vimeo or so, the really good videos seem to have quite some efforts behind them.

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