Full Version: Canon EOS M5 announced
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No news anymore except for the price ... 1479 US$ w/18-150mm ... completely mental ...




The lens ...




... goes for 499 US$


MTFs for the 18-150mm




Fairly decent

OLED viewfinder - that's quite nice.


The in-body IS is for movies only (electronic IS).

1130 EUR in Germany (body)  :blink:

Luckily the price of that body will come down a lot. The initial price is actually not far from other models:

$1099 with 15-45 IS STM ($979 body only).


Sony's A6300: 1149 with 16-50mm lens.

Panasonic GX8: $1199 body only.


The Canon does 7 FPS, the Sony 8 FPS, the Pana 5.5 FPS.

Quote:1130 EUR in Germany (body)  :blink:
A6300 €1299

GX8 €999
Video showing off some of its features:

You rather liked the performance of the EF-S 18-135mm IS STM. The MTFs for this EF-M 18-150mm IS STM are even a bit better.

Quote:A6300 €1299

GX8 €999

I sort of doubt that the M5 is comparable to those models.

Compared to the M3 the specs are not THAT much better.

Does it have a full electronic shutter? Or at least an electronic first curtain? The shutter in the M3 is really poor.
Ok, the video mentions bursts without viewfinder blackout. That should translate to a full electronic shutter.
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