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Quote:It would be interesting to see solid reviews of the new 12-100f4 and the lecia 12-60f2.8-4; I suspect the 12-100f4 will be more interesting of the two but we shall see (soon). Also leica introduced a 35-100f2.8 mk2 (not sure how the mk2 differ from mk1) ?

The Oly 12-100 Pro is supposedly a great lens, for the PL 12-60 F2.8-4 the expectations are very high due to the FT version being so good.


The PL 35-100 F/2.8 Mk II is the same optically as the Mk I, presumably with slightly improved coatings, is black rather than two-tone, now comes with Power OIS, and has some weathersealing. Panasonic did the same with the 12-35 F/2.8 Mk II, and the 100-300 F/4-5.6 Mk II. These lenses now support dual IS with the new bodies which have IBIS as well.


Kind regards, Wim
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