Full Version: Nikon D3400 and two 70-300mm DX zoom lenses
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Oh no, the D3400 has the snapbridge app nonsense, which is such a let down on the D500, implementation wise:




So the AF-S 55-300 DX VR gets replaced by the AF-P 70-300mm DX VR and 70-300mm without VR? A bit puzzling why they would bring a non VR lens?? AF-P should be (only) of benefit for video AF, it is like Canon's STM. Only very few cameras for now support AF-P, and they will not be able to give Canon like AF in video with these. Why would they offer a VR-less lens for video?

It's a cheap kit lens ...


Of course, it doesn't make sense but many beginners want stuff as cheap as possible (for understandable reasons).

I am not sure what kind of wind d3400 will make, given the offerings from mirrorless brands.

Not much of them come in fiery  
RED  Rolleyes