Full Version: Sigma ART lenses soon in Sony FE mount
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Sorry, I'm not really into news and politics - I have enough of that on my day job (and had moreso on my previous one - however, that was how I learned of Desertec). Smile

Quote:Why don't you join us, Rover, and throw in some weird bits, too?  ^_^

That's what I asked for - only "weird bits". Connecting that to politics (I understand that point perfectly) enlightens our looks toward this human thing to do.

      Just came across this:



   The UK's Electricity National grid demand and output and all the types of energy, using a level indicator display, which is updated at not far off real time.


   For example as I write....."Biomass" is producing 1.193 GW 3.4% of the UK's power production....as the day moves on it will be interesting to see the percentage of energy produced by coal as demand starts to rise this morning.... coal is currently producing 20.4%!


    Here's the link:




   The British government plans to shut down all of the remaining coal fired power stations by 2025! 


       Things are on the move no doubt!

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