Full Version: where to get voigtlander 35mm f1.2 in France ?
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My friend seems to have decided getting voigtlander 35mm f1.2 finally, he will be in France next month 

how can he get this lens, it has been  long time I didn't buy online in Europe since I moved back to Lebanon and I don't know what are the good shops now.

He will be in hotel so getting the lens from a shop or on delivery point is the ideal way


crazy, the price just jumped today  from 999 to 1200EUR as he was ordering

Any shop with a better price ?
Seems they are playing some dirty marketing

when you check on their website it's 999 EUR, however when come to check again it's 1199 EUR 

it happened twice, my friend saw it for 999EUR 1199 the next day. he was determined getting it and now since he will be in France for christmas he went back to the site 999 EUR same story the next day it's 1199, seems they are dong this as a trap to attract customers

Hi toni-a,


Did yoru friend clear his browser history, temp files etc. before attempting this?


If so, I'd suggest capturign the screen and printing it out. of course they will probably say that teh price on the website coudl eb wrog and they are not responsible for tht, but worth a try.


BTW, prices have gone up a lot for lenses over the past year, certainly over here.


Kind regards, Wim