Full Version: Are micro SD plus adapter as good as SD
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I am having difficulty finding high capacity high speed SD cards of reputable brands, however there are plenty of micro SD cards since the Lebanese market is small and there are plenty of smart phone users.

So my choices either getting 16GB SD or going micro SD where I have much wider choice. In fact I am considering SanDisk 64 GB microSDxc where they claim a speed up to 90MB/s available at the mobile phone store near my house. Is it a good choice?
I'm using only microSD cards (via adapter) in my Canon 1D Mark 4 - a mixture of SanDisk and Transcend 32GB units. Sometimes there have been issues with adapters when the camera / computer are unable to read the card. It's pretty easy to resolve by taking out / reinserting the card, and / or swapping the adapters around. I haven't yet had any problem with missing / corrupted data so far but thought I'd have to point this out.


The reason I switched from SD to microSD was that I often have the need to send the photos to the office from the spot, and for that I need to take the microSD card from the camera and put it into the cellphone. It's been working like a charm so far.