Full Version: Sample Gallery - Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8
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While we are at sample galleries ...



Thanks, but it appears the full res versions aren't available.


Just out of interest:


I sometimes read a sentence about limited bandwidth. The pictures are, as mine so too, on SmugMug. At least the first sample shots. Don't know a bout the ones of the review. But I never have any problem with bandwidth on my gallery, so are you using a different webspace for the review pictures?

That's a sentence that survived in the reviews for roughly a decade now Wink And yes, a few things have changed since then, including where we host the samples...
Big Grin I see. For the sake of feeling the melancholy stone age internet with modems... at least, it's still correct for some non-flat-rate mobile contracts

It looks like f/1.8 is the aperture of the season... quite a bit of reviewing lenses with that one in a row. Big Grin

We're approaching 201,8...

Ouch! Wink
Hey, the next one on MY list is a f/1.4!

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