Full Version: Nikon starts using stepping motors in DSLR lenses
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Like the Canon EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM:



The odd thing about the press blurb is that there is no mention of the real advantages (possibly better AF with live view, better and silent AF with video).


Just this weird phrase:

"The combination of superior AF performance and excellent agility afforded by these lenses makes them perfect for those ready to try their hand at full-scale photography with a digital SLR camera."


Also listing "VR" as primary feature of both lenses shows a bit wonky PR department work.


Both lenses have exactly the same optics, so it seems a bit odd that there is a VR and a VR-less version.


[Image: lensonstruction.png]


[Image: lensonstruction.png]

The blue elements are aspherical.


Performance should be pretty good for a kit lens.


They "collapse" for transport, but only a little bit (my guess is about 1 cm, judging on the given size).

Maybe they decided it is cheaper to manufacture the same lens for both.

A perfect companion for the D5. Big Grin

ut speaking of the VR vs. non-VR versions, it could be done like the Sony-mount Tamron lenses that exclude stabilization by just fixing the relevant elements in place and removing the VC on/off switch. I'm not sure I can see the point of a non-VR version - maybe for the very low-end, bargain-bin segment only.

Sometimes people do buy on price alone, and they need that low end option.
And then they claim that their camera is broken because pictures turn out blurry.  <_<

They release kit lenses faster than Sony releases cameras now... Wink
You mean, at least they beat Sony in one segment of throwing gear on the market?  Smile