Full Version: And now we have an AF adapter for Nikon
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It has been announced as available a few weeks ago, but AFAIK the english page has been made available only now. There's an old review of a prototype, which found a slow AF speed - but we don't know if the thing has been improved.


Waiting for a new review to appear...


Perhaps that"s Nikon's secret sales pitch, making lenses for "other" mirror-less cameras!

Considering Sigma and Tamron have been trying to clone Nikon's lens protocol for years and there still can be issues, I question how good it will be with the full Nikon farm. Nikon loves to change up things and that is good for the adapter because it only has to deal with the lens side. On the other hand, is the adapter company willing to support firmware updates to deal with newer lenses issues that Nikon might insert into the newer lenses?


I'm a Nikon user and I generally buy Nikon lenses because they can be one nasty company when it comes to after market products.

Good points. For me the choice is easier, as I'd use it for my old AF-S 300 Æ’/4D - the only AF-S lens I plan to keep for a while. It could be an interesting option if it works with the Tamron or Sigma 150-600mm in Nikon mount. Yet another option could be the Nikkor 200-500mm Æ’/5.6, but it's an 'E' lens and here probably the troubles come.

Thanks for sharing the link. No pricing so far?

AFAIK the thing is only available at eBay's as a pre-order:




The price is about 300€, delivery included. I suppose/hope further sellers will be available in a short time.

Pity, I don't buy via eBay from Chinese manufacturers. I know it's unfair to lump everything together, but selling in Europe means a product hast to have a CE logo including declaration of conformity, a proper manual in my language and a repair center somewhere in Europe - what every big manufacturer has, small Chinese sellers don't make any effort. We just see exploding E-boards from China.


I know that Chinese manufacturers always try to lower their costs at any price even by faking CE logos and other safety lables, I just don't want to take a risk. 

It makes sense. But I think we will see the things that you asked for when there will be more units available. For instance, I see other older Commlite products available by means of Amazon.

Several reports - speaking of this E-board specifically - indicate Amazon is only providing transport or sales platform. They are not responsible for any harm a device can do to you, your family or your gear. Which means, in case of damage I could try to contact the Chinese manufacturer. Good luck wit that.


The reasons Chinese manufacturers can sell so cheap if you buy and import directly: They lower the value of their goods and "save" V.A.T. as well as customs fees (?) which means they are constantly betraying not the government but the people. In other words, us. In the past I ordered a couple of goods directly in China. Didn't want to know why they can offer such prices. Now that I know, it would be stupid to close my eyes any longer. At the end, we have to pay the bill.

A new video:






A number of lenses is tested, including a few long ones. Performance with long lenses is very slow and it seems also buggy - in particular with the Tamron 150-600mm is a no-go because of bugs). But Commlite says that they are going to improve that. Let's wait and see. I'm not in a hurry.
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