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Olympus Lens Roadmap 2014 - frank - 08-13-2014

Quote:I don't think f/1.8 would make much sense. There is no DOF control anyway given the sensor size.

You forgot that DOF also depends on focus distance. If you focus at a  20cm distance with a 9mm MFT lens with f1.8 the DOF is only 2.5cm.

Olympus Lens Roadmap 2014 - Steinar1 - 01-17-2015

The 300 f4 will be an amazing lens and with the 1.4 converter all a wildlife photographer could dream about. I am already going to try the 40-150 2.8 on a safari and it works wonderfully with the same converter. 

Apart from that, the 75 1.8 is an outstanding lens that I wish you all will have an opportunity to try!

Go shoot!

Olympus Lens Roadmap 2014 - Lassoni - 09-23-2015

MFT is doing really strong, so many primes and 7-14 f2.8 UWA is prolly amazing too. Maybe panny and oly could upgrade their 12-40 f2.8 and 13-35 f2.8 /correct some flaws? Big Grin

Olympus Lens Roadmap 2014 - wim - 05-21-2016

The funny ting si that actual users of these lenses are very pleased with them.


As to faster lenses: i would heartily recommend the Metabones speed adapters, used with, e.g., Canon L-primes on MFT-bodies.

Absolutely amazing! Smile


Kind regards, Wim