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new Sony stuff - Klaus - 02-20-2013

NEX 3n

Alpha 58 - the new camera for the local APS-C tests then.

SAL 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 SAM II

SAL 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G SSM II (hhuuhh, in white this time, 4x faster AF + nano coating, the design seems to be the same)

Zeiss ZA 50mm f/1.4 SSM (insane price ...)

new Sony stuff - marco - 02-20-2013

Next will be an new NEX 7 with the 20 MP sensor, I think so. Hopefully, this sensor is a improvement to the 16 and 24 MP sensor, otherwise I will be stick to my NEX 5. ;-)

new Sony stuff - Bare - 02-20-2013

It will be very interesting to see how will this brand new Sony 20MP sensor perform. Is it good enough to dethrone Toshiba's 24MP sensor from #1 in APS-C sensors. 

new Sony stuff - Klaus - 02-20-2013

Toshiba's 24mp sensor ?

new Sony stuff - Bare - 02-20-2013

Yes, Toshiba's. It's Toshiba inside Nikon D5200 and Nikon in D3200, not Sony anymore in Nikon entry level offerings.  

new Sony stuff - Klaus - 02-21-2013

It's here now. Nice body I'd say. The lens feels somewhat cheaper though.

new Sony stuff - Guest - 02-21-2013

Yea I hear the N6 is am improved N7 with the public demand for the 5N sensor. Supposedly (from what I read on other forums) it has a better evf; faster focus and layout refinements based off of feedback from the N7. One thing that kind of amazes me is how quickly Sony camera division respond to consumer comments. On the other had they release so many products (esp in the slr lineup) its hard to keep track of what is what. THe major failing is in the lack of quality lenses (where fuji and olympus are  executing)

new Sony stuff - youpii - 02-25-2013

The MTF curve of the ZA 50 1.4 is promising. But the price is insane.


[Image: y_SAL50F14Z_MTF.jpg]



new Sony stuff - popo - 02-25-2013

Missed the Zeiss 50mm until now. New optical design? In a quick comparison it isn't the same as the ZE/ZF nor the f/2 makro. It is a serious amount of cash, but is it worth it? Well, at least it has AF and it's still cheaper than Leica Big Grin


Sometimes I do wonder if I should trade in my 2/50 makro... it's a nice lens, but I don't think I'm getting full value out of it. But that's going off topic...

new Sony stuff - balacau - 03-17-2013

Is the new/forthcoming a58 a replacement for the a57 or is it something different entirely?