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Confused about Picture Profiles in the a6300 (movies) - stoppingdown - 05-13-2017

I got the a6300 two days ago. First days, no time for pleasure (business, business!), and today it's a dull day - I would like to test it with landscapes. So at the moment I just took care of reprogramming it with the most similar customisation of my a6000. Next week-end I could be in the countryside and - weather allowing - should be the right place to start.


A thing that I noticed is that colours rendered in the viewfinder were totally wrong. It turned out to be "Gamma display assist", that I had set to s log 3, because I thought it was the first setting to try with movie recording. I expected it only impacted movie recording, and not the viewfinder. Then I understood what the meaning of "Gamma display assist" is, so I set to "auto" and the problem disappeared.


But, now restricting the problem to movie recording, I'm confused by the plethora of options in display profile. Sure it's because I don't know anything about movie recording and processing - I didn't pay care so far, because movie quality of my previous sony cameras wasn't good enough for me.


So, summing up... what should be the first (in the meaning of: fit to a movie newbie) programming of Picture Profiles I should set if I want to start with movies? For my limited understanding it should be either s log 2 or s log 3, but I found different opinions in reviews. Second: what kind of application (Mac OS X) I need for post-processing it? I understand that with this treatment of colours it's probably not just iMovie... right?

Confused about Picture Profiles in the a6300 (movies) - Brightcolours - 05-13-2017

Only log if you want to grade the output, not sure if you should start with that. 

For video editing, I do like Final Cut Pro X.  It is very powerful, and even with not thaaaat powerful computers it handles 1080p and even 4K well.