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MTFs 70-200mm variants - Klaus - 06-07-2018

f/2.8s ...

mk III

mk II

mk I (non iS):

f/4s ...

mk II

mk I:

and the old non-IS:

RE: MTFs 70-200mm variants - obican - 06-07-2018

First two are exactly the same?

RE: MTFs 70-200mm variants - Klaus - 06-07-2018

(06-07-2018, 08:51 AM)obican Wrote: First two are exactly the same?

Yes, apparently the optical design is the same between the 70-200mm f/2.8 USM L IS II and III. Just new lens coatings. Even the IS has not been improved (3.5 stops).

RE: MTFs 70-200mm variants - Rover - 06-07-2018

We should be thankful the price hasn't gone (way) up. The MSRP, anyway. We Canon users are not that hard to please these days. Smile

RE: MTFs 70-200mm variants - clngsrvcndubai - 08-04-2018

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