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FWIW ... - Klaus - 02-22-2019

I'll start with the tests in the coming days again.

I moved to a new apartment and that took some energy as you may imagine.

Just in case you wonder.

RE: FWIW ... - toni-a - 02-23-2019

Surely you moved to a bigger apartment to be able to test tele lenses indoors, congratulations on your new apartment.
And of course now you have plenty of space for all cameras and lenses

RE: FWIW ... - you2 - 02-23-2019

Do you like your new apartment ?

RE: FWIW ... - Rover - 02-23-2019

And the industry has churned out lots of shiny possible test subjects in the meantime... Smile

RE: FWIW ... - Klaus - 02-23-2019

(02-23-2019, 08:51 AM)you2 Wrote: Do you like your new apartment ?

The old one was nicer but we had to buy something. Renting is just too expensive here in Sydney.

RE: FWIW ... - JJ_SO - 02-24-2019

I heard about 48° C in Sydney. Gosh.

RE: FWIW ... - you2 - 02-24-2019

I remember staying in this place (not a rental but a company owned thing) that was above a cliff about 1/2 a mile from some beach where a bunch of folks surfed. Was great hiking. Alas I'm not sure I could ever find the place again if i were to return to sydney.

RE: FWIW ... - Klaus - 02-24-2019

(02-24-2019, 08:24 AM)JJ_SO Wrote: I heard about 48° C in Sydney. Gosh.

In terms of temperatures (costal-) Sydney is far from extreme. This week it's very mild actually. The typical summer temperatures rarely exceed 35C (more like 30C) and in winter it's rarely colder than 15C. The biggest issue with the Sydney climate is the humidity from mid-December till mid-March.