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Another day ... another new standard lens ... - Klaus - 05-15-2019

... this time from the 7Artisans - a 50mm f/1.8 (APS-C, mirrorless)

At least it's dirt cheap at less than 100USD.


RE: Another day ... another new standard lens ... - Brightcolours - 05-15-2019

Oh boy.

"Combined with APS-C camera this 50mm lens is perfect for making portraits. It is 80mm focal length in Full-Frame equivalence - a classic angle of view for a natural facial closeups, half body or full body portraits. Its wide and fast F1.8 aperture produces a dreamy and charming background."

Except that is is not 80mm focal length, it has an equivalent focal length to. And only for Canon it would be equivalent to 80mm FF, for all others it should read 75mm. And describing the aperture as both "wide and fast"? And it is a magical lens. Is your subject in front of a horrible background? Use this lens, and it will produce a charming background.

A slight variation of the double gauss 50mm variations of the 1940/50/60/70's. Manual, and limited to APS-C only. So not a "standard lens".