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Canon EOS Beta Webcam utility released - wim - 04-28-2020

Canon released a beta webcam utility for a bunch of cameras today, including EOS R and RP, M-series and SLRs:

There is also a decdicated forum hosted by Canon for the beta:

Kind regards, WIm

RE: Canon EOS Beta Webcam utility released - Rover - 04-29-2020

Swell, the 1D X Mark III can be used as a webcam now. Big Grin Woohoo!

But seriously, a few years ago I was wondering if it was possible to use a DSLR to - say - livestream stuff, which would've been better than using a cellphone's horrible sensor and lens. Back then, I had no answer to that. I may end up downloading and trying that software seeing as how my second camera, the 80D, is on the compatibility list. Not immediately sure what a "T6i" is in proper naming conventions, but if it's really the same as the 650D that my wife has, it's also eligible. (upd: NVM, it's the 750D. I hate these pointless US market-only names for the Rebel cameras because... well, because they're pointless)

RE: Canon EOS Beta Webcam utility released - toni-a - 04-30-2020

With Coronavirus confinement, webcams suddenly became essential.
Demand for good quality webcams suddenly went up. 
Even school teaching is done remotely..