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Sigma 85mm f/1,4 coming - Klaus - 08-03-2020

A small Sigma ART ... I thought we'd never see one ... ;-)


RE: Sigma 85mm f/1,4 coming - MatjazO - 08-03-2020

Finally. ;-) Scaled up 56/1.4 maybe?

RE: Sigma 85mm f/1,4 coming - Rover - 08-03-2020

Not sure the owners of the present non-DN Art lenses are necessarily going to be happy. If Sigma is going to release a dedicated mirrorless 85/1.4, they may follow suit with the Arts in the other focal lengths they previously had covered with adapted retooled DSLR lenses.

All right, the 35/1.4 is unlikely as they had only released the 35/1.2 recently; if anything, I think a slower 35 may be in the pipe. The 50mm FL may also be covered by an f/1.2. But the 14, 20, 24, 135 focal lengths may be refreshed... sometime.

Now tell me if I'm making things up?

RE: Sigma 85mm f/1,4 coming - Klaus - 08-03-2020

Well, it was inevitable.