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Fuji X-S10 coming - Klaus - 10-09-2020


So with IBIS, this is something like an X-T4 light or so?

RE: Fuji X-S10 coming - mst - 10-10-2020

Or an X-T30 Pro Wink

RE: Fuji X-S10 coming - Klaus - 10-10-2020

The camera that fixed the Q-issue. ;-)

RE: Fuji X-S10 coming - thxbb12 - 10-10-2020

That looks like a great little camera!
If the EVF is larger than the one in the X-T20/30, then I'll probably replace my X-T20 with it.
I've been wanting IBIS in a small body and a bigger grip for ages now :-)
Well done Fuji.

It sits between the X-T30 and X-T4, but is much closer in size and weight to the former. Here are more specs and photos:

BTW, any ETA on the review of the 16-80 f4?