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New compact camera... decentered - giulio - 10-19-2020

Hello everyone, just bought a new 1" panasonic zs100 since i needed a new compact camera, i'm a bit tired of a Canon Powershot Sx 220 with chdk (thus raw).

Tried it for some walking, it's almost what i wanted, even if evf incredibly small.

But after seeing strange left side softness, i've tried with a tripod, no stabilization and 2s delay with a farĀ  parallel subject, here at maximum focal lenght at full wide aperture (5.9...), i think even worser at medium focal lenght.


On the left side the left side of the picture, on the right the right side.... waiting for a replacement thks to amazon, hope the one that has been sent will be ok!

I have just seen the checkerboard check, i'll try that too with the new one! thank you @Klaus!

RE: New compact camera... decentered - Klaus - 10-19-2020

yeah, looks like a centering issue.

RE: New compact camera... decentered - giulio - 10-20-2020

Trying to better understand, here are the target picture together with the previous landscape shot: https://we.tl/t-kZeZm4TeJ5

I don't notice anything that strange with the target...

Anyway in real word shots it's incredibly poor on the left.