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Wedding Lens advice? - Aldrin Smith - 10-22-2020

Looking for some advice of 35mm lens, I am gonna buy one for a wedding. What's better for wedding photography?

RE: Wedding Lens advice? - wim - 10-22-2020

Are you the only or second wedding shooter? Or just attending and doing photoshoots.?

In the former case, neither, you'll want a decent AF lens on a decent body, and in the second case, consider the Tamron 35 mm.

Kind regards, Wim

RE: Wedding Lens advice? - toni-a - 10-22-2020

I second WIM: are you the main photographer or just there with the intention of grabbing few great shots ??
If you are the main photographer just forget about 35mm prime, no time unless you are using two bodies no real need.
Now if you are there to grab few great shots, I suggest you look for a niche and don't just take another copy of what the professional already took.
A good niche could be a fisheye for instance or a fast tele zoom allowing you to grab some special moments (kids doing cute things, candid pictures of guests etc)