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About shooting and post processing - toni-a - 11-17-2020

Almost all threads here are about gear, so let's talk a little photos.
For landscape I used to snap photos while hiking
although I still do it, but I have a totally different approach now:
first time I go, I scout the place and I do take pictures
then after seeing the pictures I study my pictures and check for room for improvement and ideal gear to use.
Finally I go there knowing what and when to shoot, what angle to take what exact gear and settings i need and finally take the shots.
That's exactly what I did here, I knew ideal moment is half an hour before sunset, I went 2 hours before to check the place and do some cleaning then I took my shots, knowing that bracketing is always  a good idea

Photo taken with Canon 24-105f4 on EOSRP
deliberate overexposure to avoid shadow noise, I discarded remaining exposures since a single exposure did the trick
[Image: attachment.php?aid=126]

I attached here the original RAW file if anyone wants to upload his own version of the edit


RE: About shooting and post processing - toni-a - 11-20-2020

I went yesterday for a repeated shooting, I had shot waterfalls but the lighting wasn't perfect nor I used my best gear (I used 10-18 and 18-55 on 750D plus a cheap polarizer)
went back yesterday lighting was perfect, I used EOSRP plus Tokina 16-28f2.8 and Canon 24-105f4 with B+W polarizer, I knew exactly what to shoot, the exact , and I knew exactly what settings to use, where do I need focus stacking where I don't, I am extremely happy with the results will share some photos here soon