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RAW to HEIF converter - toni-a - 01-03-2021

I always shoot RAW plus JPG, then review the files, systematically keep all JPGs, and keep RAW only for keepers or pictures I feel might need post processing later on.
I store on separate media: offline hard disk used exclusively for backup and LAN hard disk always connected. 
Storing as HEIF instead of JPG would save some space but more importantly time to download from LAN HDD via wifi on laptop.
So I will shoot just RAW, convert to HEIF, delete RAW for non keepers
Unfortunately nor DXO nor DPP support HEIF for the time being.... 
So I need RAW to HEIF converter that would help solve this issue, besides since HEIF has more color data than JPG this should be a great thing

RE: RAW to HEIF converter - Klaus - 01-03-2021

Yes, JPG should have been history a decade ago.