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Funny product - Brightcolours - 02-28-2021


RE: Funny product - Klaus - 02-28-2021

If it wasn't for the shiny part on the grip, the silver or black ones would look quite decent actually.

RE: Funny product - Brightcolours - 03-01-2021

If it wasn't for the shiny part (a handcrafted piece of wood made from North American Walnut, with 9 coats of paint) you would have a standard K-1 mark II. Oh , not quite... the standard K-1 mark II also lacks the "Duratec" coating on the metal mount, "to improve beauty and surface hardness". And removable/changeable pentaprism topcovers to match lens styles or your mood...

Pentax K-1 mark II MRSP: $1999 (USD), ¥258,500
Pentax K-1 mark II Silver edition MRSP: $2099 (USD)
Pentax J Limited 01 price: ¥384,780 (so about $2976 (USD) if we look at above K-1 prices).

Funny product.... Straight out of the Hasselblad-Sony handbook it seems.

RE: Funny product - Klaus - 03-01-2021

The pattern on the grip is also different.

But yes, it's a bit like Hasselblad's Sony adventure.

RE: Funny product - davidmanze - 03-01-2021

I don't think I've ever seen such a long OVF housing ...... it's so long it covers the DOF scale on the attached lens ...... how do you see it? 

  ....... it looks weird to me .........

RE: Funny product - Kunzite - 03-01-2021

It's a cover, correction, it's a set of two, removable covers.
You take them out, look at the distance scale, you put them back Wink (or take them out from day one and forget them into a drawer)