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EOS RP adapter issues - Jermain - 07-22-2021

I started yesterday  having adapter issues with EOSRP
The camera started giving adapter error and freezing, this issue is with 24-105 not 50f1.4 that worked normally 
24-105 is working normally on 7D2...
Cleaning contacts solved issue temporarily..

RE: EOS RP adapter issues - wim - 07-22-2021

Did you clean all contacts, on body, lens and both sides of the adapter?
Which adapter are you using? The offical Canon aapter, or a different one?
I had 6 Canon adapters, 5 now as I gave one away a few weeks ago to a friend, but so far zero problems, with any of my lenses.

RE: EOS RP adapter issues - toni-a - 07-22-2021

Seems like a contacts problem, I am using 24-105 on EOSRP via Canon standard bundled adapter zero issues till now
BTW I feel 7D2 is the perfect companion for EOSRP since one is best where the other has weaknesses perfectly complementary