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Superfast lens quest - HansSchulze - 07-27-2022

I am stuck trying to find a super fast lens for nighttime, wide angle (60 deg) with a very low resolution (480V) small CCD analog TV sensor (1/2" or 1/3"), which on some calculators comes out to 4mm FL.
What is the limiting reason(s) that I can't have a 2 inch or larger aperture?
What about a larger lens (MFT, etc) hooked on an adapter?
How much aperture can be had for a ~five hundred bucks? I need many of them.
I was ridiculed that there was a F1/0.85 solution.. ???  I've scoured the internet for weeks.
Sorry if this is too theoretical for this site.  I saw some great theory in the documentation here.

RE: Superfast lens quest - Klaus - 07-27-2022

A photo system lens seems to be a little bit of an overkill for your use case.

A C/CS-mount CCTV lens may do the job unless you have excessive expectations regarding quality?