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mind blowing figures - Klaus - 09-13-2022


I always thought video was a small part of the photographic market, but at least according to this, it is probably the driver but not the passenger in this game.

RE: mind blowing figures - thxbb12 - 09-13-2022

It certainly looks like the vast majority of "youngsters" are much more interested in watching videos than looking at pictures.
For most, video has supplented images and text (articles) for sure.
It explains why camera makers are more and more focusing on video, whether be it bodies or lenses.
A shame, but again it's all about $$.
Hopefully, there will still be niche photographic centric products in the future.

RE: mind blowing figures - Klaus - 09-14-2022

If these figures are true, text and images are supplementing video rather than the other way round I'd say.

RE: mind blowing figures - thxbb12 - 09-15-2022

Well, I teach students (18 years old and up) and the trend I've noticed over the years is that more and more watch videos.
These days, almost none of them actually read articles (unless "forced"). It's all about youtube videos.
It's a sad state of affairs, but it's the world we live in now.

Whenever I'm in a tram or a bus, I often look at what youngsters are doing on their phones.
Guess what, almost 100% of the time, they are watching videos feeds and voting/posting emojis...
I've never seen anyone reading something (besides comments).

RE: mind blowing figures - Rover - 09-15-2022

Videos... I hate videos. Tongue

RE: mind blowing figures - toni-a - 09-15-2022

(09-15-2022, 06:32 PM)Rover Wrote: Videos... I hate videos. Tongue

i absolutely hate videos, it's a waste of time.
you can read Klaus review and get all info you need in 3 minutes
the same is said in a 20 minutes video

RE: mind blowing figures - thxbb12 - 09-15-2022

I hate videos.

First, you don't know what is the content of the video. To find this out you need to actually watch most of the video.
If you fast forward, you might miss interesting bits and you won't even know it.
Second, most video content (~90%) is completely useless blah blah.
In summary, you waste tons of time (and bandwidth) for very little useful content.

With an article or a post, you can very quickly scan it to see whether the information is relevant or interesting and you can quickly go straight to the interesting parts.

I hate videos.

RE: mind blowing figures - Rover - 09-16-2022

Yeah, that about sums the reasons for my dislike for them too.
But I guess we're in a minority here, or at least not in the fraction of the society that sets the trends...

RE: mind blowing figures - Silvergrain - 11-11-2022

video trending upwards is all part of the over-stimulation that kids are goaded into. they can't even look at a still photograph - they have to give it the zoom in effect to entertain their shallow brains! There are very few people who know how to look at a photograph with appreciation for more than a few seconds. All the more reason to turnoff the TV when kids are around and encourage them to use their own imagination.

RE: mind blowing figures - mike - 11-11-2022

An interesting conundrum. Having just got back from vacation (Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris - popular places to take lots of photos) I could count on one hand the number of ILC's I saw people using. Most people were still taking photos with their phones and supplementing those with a few vids.

One thing that does seem clear from that website that a lot of people want to be some sort of media celebrity. Taking videos and posting them to social media is popular. I do see a lot of the kids I know doing it. Some hoping to be a hit and make a ton of money. Even these kids still take more fotos than videos. Though they may never get posted anywhere. Let alone printed, LOL!

I think I've said this before on this site, but I've pretty much given up on going to the sites where folks post these videos. For one thing, there's not vetting of the material and no way to really report this. You can post a leading picture and title (baiting) and get people to click on it. If enough people click on it you may be able to make a few cents. I prefer not to support this type of shenanigans. Beyond that, the advertising on a 5 minute video is more obtrusive than a 30 minute of an over the air sitcom! But I see people spending hours clicking on these vids.