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Gymbal suggestion - stoppingdown - 11-16-2022

Gents, I need a suggestion for a gimbal to be used with the Sony a6600 + SEL200600G. I've been after a gimbal since a few years, but for a reason or another I never finalised the purchase. Now such a long time has passed since my evaluation that I have to restart from scratch. Lightness is very important.

RE: Gymbal suggestion - mst - 11-16-2022

Size and weight always kept me away from typical gimbals. I then discovered the Wimberley MH-100 MonoGimbal and it was perfect for my needs: definitely lightweight, easy to use on a monopod (I prefer monopods for long lens shootings) and if required could aloso be used on a tripod with an additional rotating plate. Should be a big and heavy tripod, though, since the lens is mounted on the side of the gimbal, so could potentially drag the whole tripod setup sideways.

RE: Gymbal suggestion - stoppingdown - 11-17-2022

mst, I was precisely going to ask about the MH-100, which is a “new entry” in my evaluation list. My tripod is an old Gitzo 1325 carbon fibre tripod with Kirk Enterprises BH-3 head, I think it should be ok.

RE: Gymbal suggestion - stoppingdown - 11-24-2022

Got it today and it seems excellent, even though I've not tested it in the field yet. It seems I have two issues, one being the position that is required to put the camera + lens combo in equilibrium: as you can see from the attached photo, the lens foot adapter only overlaps the plate for 2cm, which I fear is too short to be safe, so perhaps a longer foot is required. Thoughts?

PS Excuse me for the poor photo made with Photo Booth and an oddly placed light source, but I'm feeling lazy at the moment.

RE: Gymbal suggestion - stoppingdown - 11-26-2022

Tried for a couple of hours, so far only staying sit down. Excellent, no fatigue at all, it allows to frame the subject in a much better way. As soon I get an extension rod for the monopod I'll try it standing up.

RE: Gymbal suggestion - stoppingdown - 12-15-2022

Oooookkk... And at last a plate of 120mm is the final step.