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RE: Laowa 6mm f/2 Zero-D MFT announced - Klaus - 12-23-2022

I reckon this is actually an excellent approach.

Just write off the camera/lens when you get it, forget about the resale value and throw everything you've got at it no matter what - and just have fun.

I also suffer from being-too-careful-with-stuff syndrome - it has certainly stopped me from getting some great shots at times.

A while back, I got the camera clip from peak design ( https://www.peakdesign.com/products/capture/ ) and I have to say that it freed my photography quite a bit. Of course, it means that the camera is exposed to the elements but being able to grab and shoot is just so nice (and no, camera straps don't work for me at all).

RE: Laowa 6mm f/2 Zero-D MFT announced - Rover - 12-24-2022

Well, I'm not on about resale cost; I rarely sell items and in the past, it was also a big loss for me pretty much every time because I'm lousy at bargaining. Smile
However, repair costs are an issue, and there's nothing worse than using an item damaged to the point where it may impact image quality and handling (like, AF motor), and being always in doubt about whether or not the item is really functioning properly. I've dropped my 70-200/2.8 L IS *again* in August and was sick with worry for a couple of months, until it was empirically proven that it did not suffer any real damage (words of wisdom from a stupid man: never use a tele's tripod foot to leave the lens suspended from your belt! It's not a f***ing hook!)

I've dropped lenses and even cameras countless times. The 70-200 (which is into its 15th year of service to me by now...) is the most frequent victim. I've even thrown a camera+lens in a fit of rage once (30D + 17-55) after a heated argument with my wife in Athens... "those were the days". So yeah, now I'm careful about how I handle my gear. Now that the Z9 is in da house, I'd really hate to lose that investment, or endanger it in any way. Smile

RE: Laowa 6mm f/2 Zero-D MFT announced - mike - 12-24-2022

I tend to use things, everything, until they break! Or something markedly better comes along. I hope by then I got my money's worth! Then I donate, give it away, or sell it for a cheap price. Fortunately, photo gear is pretty mature. We're not seeing the giant gains in performance that we once were.

On my Pen-F I use a sling style strap. The one I use has a two point connection. One is kind of a safety net and isn't required. What I like is I can wear it under a jacket and it's easily pull it up to take the shot.

Knock on wood, but I only broke one lens and damaged a battery compartment door. The lens was an UW with a built in pedal hood. I dropped it and broke off the lower pedal. The lens still worked fine. Strangely, no one would fix it! On the camera after dropping it the piece of plastic that holds the spring busted. The camera door became manual. I just lived with it!