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Thoughts ...? - Klaus - 06-01-2023

I'm currently working on the new portal for OL.

Here's how a review may look like

Still early days, of course.

The gallery is not ideal but I haven't found anything with EXIF data.

RE: Thoughts ...? - Rover - 06-01-2023

I like it. Single-page reviews are probably a better idea than those split into 3 pages (provided that you have navigation readily available... which you do).

RE: Thoughts ...? - wim - 06-01-2023


Kind regards, WIm

RE: Thoughts ...? - mike - 06-01-2023

Looks great so far!

RE: Thoughts ...? - stoppingdown - 06-01-2023

Very good.

RE: Thoughts ...? - davidmanze - 06-01-2023

Yeah great .... what I really like is my eyesight is not the best and on this new site I can zoom in and the page resizes and doesn't need me to scroll horizontally back and forth across the page to read it all ..... although this works on the existing forums pages, on the reviews for some reason it doesn't ...... I gave up reading this Sony review in the old format and just looked at the graphics ...... now all is well !!
When I complained about this to my optician he said .... "it's normal when you become an old fart " .. so this new site is old fart friendly!

RE: Thoughts ...? - borisbg - 06-01-2023

Looking good. I like the single page design.

RE: Thoughts ...? - goran h - 06-02-2023

Looks very good.

RE: Thoughts ...? - toni-a - 06-03-2023

Looking good